Dribbles - First World Problems


The cult status follow up to Dribbles seminal Fishermans Friend, FWP is where Dribbles begins to make his mark in urban and satiristic dare you say pop with good friend DJ L Street at the wheels of steel. Nobody was ready when this dropped, and to this date few still are.

01. Our Deepest Fear (intro)
02. My Diamonds
03. Still (produced by Life & Death)
04. People Want Me To Lose
05. Hallucinations ft Mandle
06. Statements
07. Falcon; No Rego ft Fluence and Complete
09. First World Problems
10. CredLife (tick on the tick list)
11. Til The Morning
12. Too Far Gone ft Complete and Omac
13. A Closed Letter
14. Crazy ft Porsah Laine
15. The Devils Green ft Okwerdz and Filthy Fil
16. No Options
17. Start A Riot

Jump on it ASAP if you're keen as this will invariably be your last chance to get your hands on legit fresh hard copies, and signed at that!